Sam Lowes gains experience on his RS-GP

Monday 8 May 2017

The 40+°C had a heavy impact on performance during the Spain GP, a fact that is clear from the numerous crashes despite a less than blinding pace.

It was a Sunday exam day for Sam Lowes, working hard to manage a situation that was completely new for him and in which it was of primary importance to gain experience. The British rookie’s sixteenth place finish kept him out of championship points but it adds an important notch to his belt in terms of MotoGP growth.


“This weekend I was able to maintain a good pace during practice, but I was unable to repeat the same performance in the race. I struggled a lot because of the poor grip, both on the rear, where perhaps we made the wrong tyre choice and on the front. Fortunately, we will already be back on the track tomorrow for the tests, where we will try to better understand what happened today.”


“I am pleased with the result. It was a very hard race. Sam tackled very difficult conditions for a rookie. He still lacks the experience to manage certain races. I know that he still has a lot to show, but we have the example of many good riders who took time to adapt to the category and that is what Sam needs. We definitely have room to grow. We will be back on the track tomorrow for an important test and to keep growing the RS-GP.”


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